We believe that great products with Awesome features can only be created if we listen to our custommers. We get lots of feedback already via tickets. But that doesn't lead to a discussion.. To streamline this process & increase subscriber-developer communication, we are starting a new Blog & Newsletter series called as Subscriber Connect.

Prior to every major release, we shall be asking you, our customers to come & contribute your ideas, feature requests & any issues you might have with the product via comments to the blog. Existing & Past subscribers to the product as well as subscribers who opt in to receive Subscriber Connect Newsletters shall be sent a special Newsletter once in a while asking you join in the Discussion to make sure you don't miss out ! 

We Kick of this series with a Blog about the upcoming Invitex release !

Invitex 2.4 - Help Us Plan & Improve this release !

We plan to bring Invitex 2.4 to subscribers over the next few weeks. Based on user feedback from various sources, the following features have been planned in this release. Based on the feedback we get to this post, the feature list shall be frozen & a couple of Beta releases shall be rolled out every week from now for those who are interested in testing them. Note that Invitex 2.4 Beta 1 is already out & available for testing.

Currently Planned Features for 2.4