Hey All, 

We have released Invitex 2.9.4 with some minor bug fixes. Also we have made several minor quality improvements in it. This release addresses various bugs reported in previous version.

Bugs Fixed

Bug #35911: Invitee accepted notification not being sent to CB
Bug #35700: Manual Invitations not working in Easysocial Invitex Apps(getting js error undefined funtion tokenfield() in console)
Bug #35827: if site is set to SSL, user gets logged out from site, after getting request token for the API plugins
Bug #35835: JS - if inviter has no image set, in email no images is shown for [AVATAR] tag
Bug #35837: Clicking on the APIS icons, user gets redirect to home page
Bug #35910: Invitex backend- Option,submenu,filters,search does not work if caching is enabled
Bug #35912: lang constant missing for INV_MAIL_SUBJECT
Bug #35919: Backend Inviters view - The From date, to date, fliters float on the screen

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