We are very pleased to announce the release of Invitex 2.6 which comes with the much awaited Facebook "Request" Invites and some really powerful features like Automated Intelligent Invitations, Google Analytics Integration & much more !  Here is a quick snapshot of the added features. Plus Invitex 2.6 is fully compatible with JomSocial 2.8 .

Facebook Request Invitations

In line with our commitment to give you the best & the latest in Invitations, we have updated our Facebook API plugin to now support Facebook Request Invitations which is the latest suggested method by Facebook to send invites.


Automated Intelligent Invites

This is similar to the email Facebook sends “ Do you know Meg, Ryan, Sally ? ”

Automated Invite

Borrowing on some of the logic we use in our People suggest system for "Imported Contact Analysis" , Invitex can now send automated emails to people who are not on your site yet, but are very likely to know a few people on your site. For this, you need to turn on "Store Imported contacts" in Invitex configuration. This is a revolutionary feature that will make your site as intelligent as Facebook :) & drive even more traffic !

In Addition a few more features which you will find pretty interesting are added.

Read on to go through the complete changelog.


Invitex version 2.6 changelog

Tasks and Features implemented-

Bugs Fixed-

  • 12717 Bug  Show full message of registration process after clicking on "Skip" link on Invitex when "Invitation as a part of registration" is set to "Yes".
  • 13494 Bug  TechjoomlaAPI LinkedIn plugin :Contacts not getting imported using newly created app keys
  • 14808 Bug   Error "Unknown path components: /friends&limit=20&offset=0" while importing contacts using TechjoomlaAPI Facebook plugin
  • 14184 Bug   "Invitex during registration" is set to "no",CB Registration still showing Invitex
  • 13683 Bug   "<br />" tags getting added after sign up,unsubscibe and join link in the invitaion email
  • 13603 Bug   If integration is with CB,the profile images are not shown up in the namecard
  • 13408 Bug   Clicking on the tabs given on the left does not changes the content on right.Only manual is showing up for all providers
  • 12942 Bug   When "Look and feel" is set to "new" , if "Manual" method is not selected in the list of "Allowed Invitation methods:"in backend config,still "Manual" is always shown on frontend
  • 09516 Bug    No Language constants for "Registration is on invitation only. You cannot register without an invitation!" and "Invite your friends and start building your network!"