We are very pleased to bring you the stable release of Invitex 2.5.1.

The main focus of this release was to improve the usability of the extension and improve the reporting abilities.


The new stats dashboard gives you a complete snapshot of invite activities on your site using pretty graphs and also shows top inviters.


We have completely revamped the frontend using Bootstrap and also improved the layout to make sending invites easier. You have an option to use the new interface or the old facebook styled one.

Other improvements include a more usable and logical configuration. Also all config settings are now stored in the database to make it usable in multi site setuos.

Invite anywhere config is also greatly improved and u can override a lot of global settings on a Invite type level.

Finally CB and Jomsocial fields are now available to customise your Invite emails even further from this release on.

Compatible with Joomla 1.5X 1.7X, 2.5.X, the release can be downloaded immediately from our Downloads Area.

Features added:

1.Bootstraping of Invitex.
2.Save config into a database instead of file.
3.Invite stats dashboard and Top Inviters view.
4.CB and Jomsocial fields support in Invitation mail.

Bugs fixed:

1. Cannot save Invitex configuration settings on backend.
2. There is a black bar at the top of  website that states that "You are Not authorized To send mails ".
3.  The namecard menu link is resulting in blank page.