Hello All !

We have finally gone live with the Fresh new Techjoomla site. It was long upgrade from Joomla 1.5 to the latest 3X Joomla & involved changes of many systems. We have been testing the critical systems work & we can go live. However, the site is still not as awesome as we want it to be. We will go live so that support can continue while we work on improving the site over the next few days.  


All critical processes including Premium Support via tickets, Community Support via Forums, Buying new Subscriptions etc should work fine. All your Subscription data has been migrated along with login data. So you should be able to login & access your downloads without any issues. In the rare case that you can't, do email us on [email protected]

We hope you like the new site. As we said its still a work in progress & we encourage you to report any issues you might find.

Cheers !