A journey is made beautiful more by those who accompany you than the route or the destination itself.

Our journey so far in developing //techjoomla.com/products in the the Joomla space has been no different. It's been a whale or a ride so far and you our customers have played a mammoth role in making it awesome.

Thank you for your love, your support, your awesome ideas. Thank you for pushing us to innovate and be better.  

We have a long way to go together and build even more awesome stuff and we want you to be with us all the way!  

We are making a few changes to take your involvement and engagement to the next level.

Introducing Renewal Discounts!

Being there should have benefits. Effective immediately if you renew your 6 month subscription before expiry, you will get an automatic 20% discount. If you are renewing a 12 month subscription the discount is an awesome 25%!

Forum based  Feature request tracking

You guys are always coming up with some great ideas for new features. As you might already know we prioritize development based on how many requests we get for a product. However this process was not transparent till now.

We have introduced a new category in our forums for your feature requests. Each extension has an independent board where you can post your requests. You can also search and view existing requests and vote them up or down.

Going forward we will use this transparent process for feature requests and prioritization. 


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