Email Beautifier v2.1.0 released with actionlog, tag replacements plugins

We are happy to announce that Email Beautifier is getting another release with v2.1.0 which primarily adds support for Joomla 3.9.x privacy tools suite in addition to the few enhancements and bug fixes.

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Read on for details related to the plugins and for the detailed changelog.


The Action Log plugin for Email Beautifier

Below screenshot illustrates the action logging plugin for Email Beautifier

Tag Replacements plugin for Email Beautifier

In addition to these two features, we have made changes to logging, so that new logs are written into the logs folder, as configured in Joomla’s global configuration,  in a file com_emailbeautifier.log.php instead of logging into component’s folder.


Email Beautifier changelog for v2.1.0

+ Features Added (2):

^ Enhancements / Other changes (2):

- Bugs Fixed (3):