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The heat is on & football fever is in the air .. and its hit is Hard ! So hard that we are giving huge discounts on our subscriptions & also giving away several extension subscriptions for free !   Here's a Quick look at the competition.  

Ah Discounts !! Where do I Sign up ? 

Signing up just needs you to fill out the form below & predict the winning team ! 

What are the rewards  ? 

A flat 30% off to all the winners who predict the correct team off all our Product Subscriptions.

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Offer valid till 4th July 2014 only. So Hurry ! 

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Results for Techjoomla Football Fever are:

  1. Amir Sadaghiani
  2. Torgrim Sandvoll
  3. Michael
  4. John Leake
  5. Dave D
  6. William Wang
  7. eric

Congratulations to the lucky winners!! Coupon code will be mailed out to you on your respective e-mail id's.