Say no to Pirated Joomla Extensions & keep your site secure ! Download extensions only from our official site.

Recently, it has come to our attention that some non paying users have downloaded non official copies of our extensions from Warez & nulled sites & have ended up getting their sites hacked. This has been reported for SocialAds, Invitex, JBolo & JGive so far. It looks like some backdoor code had been injected in the extension files before making them available for download on Warez sites. 

warez flat

We appeal to all users of our extensions to make sure they download their extension copies from the official site. If you have a developer who is managing your site & extension installations etc, also ensure they follow this.

Note that Techjoomla is not liable to support any non customers who download extensions from any external warez/unofficial sites/ forums. If you are using an unofficial copy, we would strongly suggest purchasing a valid subscription and install the official version available at our website