How to hide Help Menu in Joomla backend?

While customizing the Admin template, most of us come across a situation where you want to hide the “Help” menu and the first solution which pops up in your mind is to use CSS to hide it. However, there is a very simple way to hide it.


How do we do it?


  1. You might know the “Admin Menu” module that is present specifically at admin site. Go to Administrator area -> Click on Module manager from the drop down of Extension manager -> From the very first filter shown on left side (where you are seeing Site by default) select Administrator.remove_help_fromjoomla_backend.png
  2. On the main page you will find a module named “Admin menu”. Click on it. Now go to Advanced tab. You will find a parameter Help Menu. You need to set it to “Hide”.remove_help_from_joomla_backend.png

You’re good to go! I hope that now you’ll be able to hide the “Help” menu in backend without using CSS. :)

Note: This Blog is purely targeted towards developers!