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Posted by on in Jticketing
jTicketing Webinar with CloudAccess

Learn about jTicketing and our 360 degree solutions for events with Joomla, jTicketing and our mobile apps for event managers and attendees !
Have you best utilised jTicketing on your site?
Have you recovered you investment on jTicketing?
All your questions will be answered.

When : Friday, September 12, 2014 - 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. EST.

See Local Time.

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Posted by on in Quick2cart
Shipping, Taxation, multivendor CCK, native EasySocial App and more with Quick2cart 2.2

When we started planning Quick2Cart 2.2, we admittedly bit of more than what we could chew so to say from a timeline perspective. This release has lots and lots of features and not many of them small. This led to lot of delays on our end. We are extremely sorry about this but we cannot release something we believe is not complete and hence the delay. However, I hope you will all agree that it was all worth the wait !

Quick2cart v2.2 takes Joomla Ecommerce to new highs with major improvements in User experience and some really awesome features. Multi Vendor Shipping and taxation, CCK Multivendor support, tight EasySocial Integration are just the tip of the feature iceberg we have in this release ! Read on for the full Scoop !!

Shipping and Taxation Reloaded

Shipping and taxation was a major point of this release. It was important that it be done in a way that can be flexible and scalable to a variety of situations. The basis of shipping and taxation is based on Geographical Zones.


Zones are used to club together regions and/or countries that have something in common from a shipping or taxation perspective. For instance you could make a zone called the ‘Indian Subcontinent’ with all the countries included since your shipping provider charges you the same fees for all those countries. Further Zones are used extensively when you define Shipping and Tax rates. Each store needs to have its own zones for full flexibility.

Tax Rates and Profiles

By setting up zones you can set tax rates and in some cases multiple taxes are applied to a single product for eg: VAT (Value added tax), LBT (Local Body Tax), Service Tax etc. In Tax Profiles, you are able to relate the tax rate to the billing or shipping address. For instance to send products to Pune, you will attract both LBT and VAT. LBT being a function of the shipping address and VAT of the billing address.

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Posted by on in jGive
JGive v1.6.6 released

Hi there,

We have released an update for JGive. This release v1.6.6 adds following changes. Quite a few bug fixes have been done and some useful feature addition and improvements have been done in this version. We suggest you to upgrade to this version. Checkout the changelog and the release note given below.


+ Features added
#31555 Added CSV export on backend donations report
#31528 Campaign owner can do CSV export donor data from campaign details page. 
#28991 Added option give campaign duration in days e.g 15, 30, or 60 days

- Bugs Fixed
#31465 Campaigns statuses not working properly so cron added to update campaign status.
#31190 Campaign create radio fields values was not saving in database. 
#31161 Conflict while settings up pin widths with all campaigns view and module, if we set in module it applies to all campaigns (if module & view are on the same page)
#31005 No error if user upload file more than allowed file size defined in php.ini
#30096 No group jomsocial group selection field available in create campaign view
#30356 List style was not working for campaign long description
#30670 Removed asterix from donation details page
#30345 Language specific categories was not working for multilingual site
#30335 Incorrect days left on campaigns pin view for different date format except than 'Y-m-d'
#30295 Remove giveback clone button was not displaying.
#30148 Campaign image was not displaying. 
#31587 Hide filters all campaigns menu level option was working partially
#31165 Notice : Undefined variable: /components/com_jgive/views/campaign/tmpl/single.php

^ Other Improvements
#31541 Changes for field & country manager
#31556 Added filter to sort donations by campaigns category

NOTE: In our extension Quick2Cart 2.2 we have introduced country and region manager. This change affects JGive and JTicketing for good by improving country and region magager for JGive & JTicketing. So, if you have already installed JTicketing, Quick2Cart then - In that case you need to upgrade both JTicketing and Quick2Cart along with JGive to make everything run smoother.

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Posted by on in Jticketing

Hi there,

We have released an update for JTIcketing. This release v1.5.3 adds following changes. Quite a few bug fixes have been done and some useful improvements 


Bug Fixes
31585 Compatible with Joomla 3.3.3
31584 Changes in jticketing to use new country and state. save country id and state id in jticketing_users
31583 Use new asseloader plugin

Features And Tasks
Changes in Mobile APP

NOTE: In our extension Quick2Cart 2.2 we have introduced country and region manager. This change affects JTicketing and JGive for good by improving country and region magager for JTicketing and JGive. So, if you have already installed JGive, Quick2Cart then - In that case you need to upgrade both JGive and Quick2Cart along with JTicketing  to make everything run smoother.

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Posted by on in JBolo
JBolo v3.1.3 minor update released

Hey All,

We have released a minor update for JBolo. This release v3.1.3 includes following changes.  We suggest you to upgrade to this version.


- Bug #31250 EasySocial activity stream module not getting shown on Facebook theme
- Bug #29820 Can not send a message containing only 0. 10 gets sent, 0 does not
^ Task #29819 Implement Ajax queue for sending messages for smoother chat sending

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Posted by on in Canva
Let your images speak for you with Canva plugin for Joomla by   Techjoomla!

Someone has rightly said, “A Picture is worth a thousand words”. You can convey a lot through pictures. Creating content is not just about attracting traffic.. You need to get them interested in reading your content.

When writing content for your website or blog for that matter anything, use of correct pictures can do wonders for you. When scanning through content, people don't read every word but good pictures will catch their attention and keep them riveted on your content.

However great though pictures are, its not always easy for anyone to create stunning graphics and you end up having to rely on your designer who might not always available when you need that blog or newsletter image urgently. This is when Canva steps in to the rescue.



Canva is an awesome cloud service that lets you create spectacular image with little or no design expertise. With its drop dead good looks, super intuitive drag and drop designer, ability to use free as well as super cheap paid graphic elements including stock photos to create classy graphics, its extremely powerful.

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Posted by on in Quick2cart

Hello all,

We are announcing the availability of Quick2cart v2.2 beta to subscribers. We know you are eagerly waiting for the stable release to come out soon and start using it. Things didn't go as we planned this time and some of features took more time than we expected. At present, we are done with the new features implementation(mentioned in the changelog below) and we are now working on the bug-fixes and QA.

We are sorry about the delay caused, and as a token appreciating your patience, we will be extending subscription by 1 month from the release date of stable version for all those subscribers whose subscriptions expired in August. Please read on for the release change log and instructions 

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Posted by on in Announcements
jGive coming soon on iTunes and Google Play Store

jGive, a powerful crowd-funding extension for Joomla is coming soon as a mobile app.

jGive (extension) has many more features. For details you can visit our landing page.
App will be easy to use, you will have to make sure that the website you enter on the login page has jGive extension installed on it and you are up for it.

Now with this app you will be able do things like:

b2ap3_thumbnail_2.png   b2ap3_thumbnail_7.png     b2ap3_thumbnail_12.png

  1. See the list of campaigns and campaign details
  2. View the donor’s information
  3. Share campaign on social networks and spread the word
  4. Check the givebacks and Statistical information
  5. Search the campaign you want is now more easier with the search bar.
    and much more.

This app will give you power to overview the crowd funding campaign on your website.
jGive app will be soon available for download on iTunes and Google Play Store.

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Posted by on in Joomla Development
Jomsocial gets DISQUS'ed

In a recent project we had to implement a uniform commenting system across the site, Jomsocial included. Now obviously, Jomsocial comes with it’s own commenting system, and to make matters worse, there were already thousands of comments already present that needed to be migrated to the new platform.

We suggested the use of Disqus, which is a cloud based commenting system that easily integrates with a website. Thankfully, DISQUS provides a way to import comments from non-compatible systems by importing from a WXR file. 

So the first challenge was to generate a WXR file. Each thread in DISQUS needs to have a unique disqus_thread_id, which is usually unique per page. In case of comments for Joomla Articles, this is usually the article ID. However, since we were using DISQUS for videos, photos and even blogs, we could have easily run into an issue where a video, a photo and a blog have the same id. To overcome this, we prefixed the id with a identifier, so the ID became video.345 or photo.345 or blog.345 Neat eh ;)

Once this architectural challenge was out of the way, it was as simple as writing a script to output a WXR file, and then importing the WXR file into DISQUS. Below is how we wrote a neat little script to generate the file -

WXR Export Script

To create a WXR file for jomsocial videos, we created a disqusimport.php controller and loaded it with the code to create the WXR. Placed this controller in com_community and we were good to fire the exporter. You could of course also create a neat little CLI script to do that.

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Posted by on in General Updates
Independence Day Holiday - long weekend announcement

Please note that we are off from 15th August to 17th August, as 15th is the Indian Independence day making it a long weekend for us. Support shall be offline during this period. We will try & respond to all open issues on the 14th & close them.

We will be back on Monday, 18th August with the support you love !  

Happy Independence day to all Indians ! 

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