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Our experiments with quality

Last year was quite fruitful for us in terms of setting up several systems and processes to make sure our releases are more sharp and our code is much better. After several great suggestions and some oops! moments, we decided to pull up our socks and kicked off the slow but disciplined process of code review and infusing good quality into our products and projects. These are experiments and we are of course measuring what works best and will continue to tweak our quality process to further strengthen it

We've taken some great steps and implemented several automated checks which will reject bad code. We also thought of sharing them with everyone so everyone can benefit. Here's a list of things that are already implemented or are in the process of being implemented

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Posted by on in SocialAds

Hey All,

Here is another release of SocialAds version 3.0.4 to active subscribers. This release addresses various bugs reported in previous version. Check the change log given below for more details.

Change Log : 

- Bugs Fixes.

Bug #29939: load "fuelux2.3loader" needed on create ad view in asset_loader
Bug #33422: create ad view breaking in guest user
Bug #33423: make changes to asset loader to load view specific files
Bug #35695: the other things is that I can't type the sign "-" in the text box as in "Saint-Nicolas"


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Posted by on in Invitex

Hey All, 

We have released Invitex 2.9.4 with some minor  bug fixes. Also we have made several minor quality improvements in it. This release addresses various bugs reported in previous version.

Bugs Fixed

Bug #35911: Invitee accepted notification not being sent to CB
Bug #35700: Manual Invitations not working in Easysocial Invitex Apps(getting js error undefined funtion tokenfield() in console)
Bug #35827: if site is set to SSL, user gets logged out from site, after getting request token for the API plugins
Bug #35835: JS - if inviter has no image set, in email no images is shown for [AVATAR] tag
Bug #35837: Clicking on the APIS icons, user gets redirect to home page
Bug #35910: Invitex backend- Option,submenu,filters,search does not work if caching is enabled
Bug #35912: lang constant missing for INV_MAIL_SUBJECT
Bug #35919: Backend Inviters view - The From date, to date, fliters float on the screen

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Posted by on in Life @ Techjoomla

We are at the end of 2014 and it was an awesome year! With a brand new website, moving to our new offices, a slew of updates on our products and a brand new E learning product Shika; this year was filled with innovations and new beginnings. Writing the 2014 review for Techjoomla was a time of introspection for us and that's resulted in some great ideas for the coming year. We will be coming out with blogs about it soon!

At the close of 2014, we take a look back at what we achieved this year. 2014 for us, has been about change.. and change for the better. Its been about a major change in attitude as well as better perception of quality. We would like to thank our customers, supporters, well wishers and partners on this occasion for supporting us and providing us valuable feedback. A special thanks to those who have taken the trouble to be critical of our work and provide honest feedback. On that note, we would like to invite you to join us in taking a look back at the year thats drawing to a close. 

Techjoomla gets a new website (finally!) 

This is one topic that we definitely need to blog about. Launching the new website and doing a migration from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3 as well transforming data from the older suite of extensions to a completely platform and doing all that with minimum downtime was quite a project. But we finally launched with the new design as well as a fully revamped back end in April. The new website is faster, much more user friendly and a much more stable platform on which we can add more value adds to our customers. We hope you have loved the new design and fresh look as much as we have. 

{slider New Look}


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Posted by on in Jticketing
JTicketing v1.5.5 released with several bug fixes

Hey All,

We are pleased to announce the availability of JTicketing version 1.5.5 to active subscribers. This release addresses several critical bug fixes for bugs reported in previous version. Check the change log given below for more details.

Change log:

- Bugs Fixed:

#35879 Installation screen :: Read document links redirects to page not found
#35869 Additional fields attendee data is not exported in the CSV file
#35868 No asterix(*) shown against required attendee fields (both universal and event specific attendee fields)
#35867 Attendee data entered during checkout is saved against wrong fields in the database if two custom fields from different events have same name
#35866 'Customer Note' added during checkout is not showing in the 'View Details' on the Attendee list, nor in csv export
#35865 Additional attendee information fields data is not shown to event owner on 'Attendee list' -> 'View Details'
#35783 JEvents integration: In PDF show default event image if no event image available
#35781 Checkout form: Table headings not seen on some templates
#35604 Checkout form: Notices and warnings shown in ajax response when returning user logs in using 'login form'
#35599 Checkout billing form: Terms and condition not shown when returning user logs in using 'login form'
#35598 Checkout billing form: Submit button of login form not working
#35566 Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$max_limit_crossed in /components/com_jticketing/views/event/tmpl/default.php
#35565 Not able to select country and state on checkout form [skip Country & State from chosen.css]
#35562 No router.php found causing 404 errors with AceSEF
#34918 All Events: Blank space shown even when all filters are disabled

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Posted by on in Shika - LMS for Joomla
Shika End of the year development update !

Its the 25th of December and we are drawing to the close of an awesome year. This year has been all about change for us and rather than making 'New years resolutions' in 2015, we have already been investing in changing for the better in terms of quality, support and UI to name a few areas. We will be blogging separately about these efforts but we hope that you will see these lead to positive change in 2015.

This post is however, not a round up of 2014 but specifically about Shika which has been one of the major focus areas for us this year. We are now at a feature freeze and working on making this release rock stable.  

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Posted by on in Discounts, Promotions & Offers
Techjoomla wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New year with a Discount!


Christmas is here and we are all geared up to celebrate it by decorating our office with Bells, lanterns and not to forget the tree giving a perfect festive look. We all are anxious and excited to make you all a part of our celebration here at Techjoomla.

So, we are announcing a FLAT 10% OFF on all our products for Christmas Day and to make it even more better as the New Year is just at the corner why don’t we celebrate it together?

Announcing one more FLAT 10% OFF on all our products again.

Hurry and make sure you get a copy of your favourite product this Christmas and New Year!

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Posted by on in Discounts, Promotions & Offers
Techjoomla Celebrates Sagar’s Wedding!

Hey Guys,

It is a moment of Happiness and Celebration for all of us here at Techjoomla. As one of our teammate ‘Sagar’ is getting married today. So, we just thought of celebrating this in a different way by making all of you a part of this BIG FAT Indian Wedding happening today.

We are announcing 7% discount on all Techjoomla products. Shower him with your blessings and to wish him a happy married life feel free to drop in a comment on this Blog! :)

Discount Code: CEBSAGWEDDIS7

Validity: 19th Dec 2014

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Posted by on in Announcements
Fight Spam on your Joomla site and still get your users love with ‘NO CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA!

Nowadays when you say ‘Captcha’ you are typically met with groans and anguish. Weird hard to read words, images you can't decipher, math equations everything basically designed to give good human beings a hard time.

All thats set to change with the new ‘No Captcha ReCaptcha’ from Google.  As Google says,

NO CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA has advanced technology which is tough on bots and easy on humans. For a majority of your sites users getting past the spam protection will be as easy as checking a checkbox!


The new system is based on Google’s new ‘Advanced Risk Analysis backend’ for reCAPTCHA . This actively considers a user’s entire engagement with the CAPTCHA—before, during, and after—to determine whether that user is a human. Only in cases where the backend cannot verify if the user is a human for sure, a old style catcha will be shown as a fallback. Read more about Recaptcha on Google’s Blog.

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Joomla is more CMS than ever before!

If you’ve read Our Joomla Story, then you’ll know that we have been working with the it since the Mambo times. We’ve seen it grow from being the ‘Son of Mambo’  ( Thank you John Coonen from CMS Expo for that phrase! ) and evolving continuously to become an awesome platform in its own right.

Joomla has always been called a CMS but back in the Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5 days, there were some major lacunas in selling Joomla as an effective CMS. Well to be fair you could get all those using extensions but the core was lagging. So trying to sell Joomla as a CMS to really large enterprise customers was a long hard battle to fight.

Back then its 'CMS Features' had lots of holes. Features considered basic in a CMS like tagging, extensive categories, ACL etc were just not there or were not up to the mark.

Joomla 3 however has turned all that over its head! If you look at Joomla now you will realise Joomla is MORE CMS than ever and beats other Content management systems hands down!

So if you had used Joomla in the 1.0/1.5 days and felt things were missing, its time to take a second look. And if you have not used Joomla to date, then this is one platform you have to look at.

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