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Posted by on in JBolo
JBolo v3.1.2 minor update with bug-fixes released

Hey All,

We have released a minor update for JBolo. This release v3.1.2 includes fixes for following bugs.  We suggest you to upgrade to this version.

- Bugs Fixed

- Bug #29682 Language constants missing on Send File view
- Bug #29671 SQL error when Helpdesk integration is enabled even when Helpdesk component is not installed
- Bug #29666 Tooltips CSS conflict with template CSS
- Bug #29576 Easy Social Jbolo App - language strings not working


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Posted by on in Joomla Development

Zoo is one of the best CCK extensions available for Joomla . It's a flexible and powerful application builder to manage your content. Especially if you are having huge data sets, Zoo can be a awesome way to manage & present it all. However with large data sets, manually adding all the data might not be practical. This is where the inbuilt Zoo import tool can help you in a big way.

In this blog we will show you how it works & also how we solve a problem that it presents if you have data with lots & lots of fields. When this happens during the import you need to manually Map the fields in your Import CSV/JSON file to the fields in Zoo so that the import can proceed. However when you have lots of fields it a huge chore to map them all manually. However with our solution you can do it in a single Click ! 

Lets how the existing Zoo Data Import Works ( Just in case you didn't know ! ) 

Data import done in following 3 stages.  Zoo allows you to import data in JSON or CSV format. 

1. Upload CSV/JSON file.


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Posted by on in People suggest

People Suggest 1.4.3 is here with EasySocial support and much more ! Since People suggest is new to the EasySocial community, we will give you a quick introduction of what its all about. A Social Network be it a major player like facebook or a specific niche network, thrives on the relations the people involved in it establish with each other. In fact it wouldn't be a ‘Network’ at all if there were no ‘connections’ or ‘relations’ between its members.


Social Networks are more or less completely dependent on their members to create and share content and keep it alive. The users in the network contribute content because they want to share it with their connections. In fact since Social networks are so peer driven, the more connections a user has, the less likely he or she is to leave your network.

The more the connections, the more healthy your Social Network is likely to be.

People suggest is just the ingredient you need to make this happen. A intuitive suggestion is all it takes to get your members to start connecting to each other. They key is in making a suggestion that’s accurate.

People Suggest comes enriched with a multitude of connection suggestion algorithms based on the user’s profile information, the friends they have, their mutual friends, the people they have invited, actual recommendations & much more which are used in combination or individually as per your preference to give uncannily useful suggestions !

People Suggest also has integrations for Community Builder and JomSocial with the same awesome set of features !

Additional features like Matchmaking mode & User preferences for suggestions, its the perfect tool for Dating websites too !

Read on for the complete details of EasySocial 1.43 and the EasySocial Integration !! 

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Posted by on in Quick2cart

It gives us great pleasure to announce that a Seblod integration has been developed by one of the members of the community !


Seblod is one of the leading content construction kits (CCKs) available for Joomla. Extremely flexible and scalable, once you get familiar with this awesome CCK, you will find that many of your simple to complex needs can be satisfied by this CCK. In some cases you can also avoid custom development situations by using Seblod.

The Quick2Cart integration now makes it possible to leverage Seblod for E Commerce applications too! Now you can build simple to complex product scenarios in Seblod and sell them online using Quick2Cart.

The “Marriage” of two extremely flexible extensions for Joomla - Seblod and Quick2Cart seems to be like a match made in heaven! Thanks so much Codigo Aberto for bringing them together !

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Posted by on in Quick2cart

When people buy products from an online store, user reviews & ratings are one of the most important factors that are considering in making the Buy decision. Reviews are very much like comments & reviews very much like 'likes & unlike s'.  Quick2Cart 2.1.3 brings you comments & like support with a tight integration with our product jLike.  


We recently recently released jLike 1.1 which adds support for Comments. This means all the extensions that jLike integrates with get the added feature of commenting that you can switch on if you want to ! 

In addition this Quick2cart also fixes quite a few bugs. Do read on for the complete Changelog. 

Buy Quick2Cart Buy jLike Demo 

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Posted by on in Discounts, Promotions & Offers

Guys, As the world cup is here, you all must be excited about who will be the winning team and so are we. Let’s celebrate FIFA world cup in a different way this time.
Football has always been a great game to play, lot of enthusiasm and team spirit. FIFA fever has bit Techjoomla team really hard and we all are going gaga over this. So Techjoomla has come up with an exciting offer for all you football fans out there. You guys have to predict who the winning team will be and if the team you predicted wins the world cup this time, you will be getting flat 30% OFF on all Techjoomla individual products.


You just have to fill a registration form and tell us who do you think will win the world cup this time. OFFER valid till the Quarter finals that is till 4th July 2014. Make sure you fill the form and grab this opportunity. Forms will be available in next week, watch out for the announcement..!!

 Contest is now closed & winners have been notified by email.

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Posted by on in jLike

jLike is all about the relationship between a user & content. We are always looking at enhancing and enriching that relationship. Till now you were able to like & dislike content, you could add your personalized notes & also put content into your own lists for better organisation.

Sometimes however, just showing that you like or dislike some content is not enough. You need more freedom to express yourselves. With jLike 1.1, we give you just that !

We bring you comments !


Comments are a great way to relate with content & share with everyone what you feel about it. Commenting evolves discussions around content & creates social virility around content enriching in so many ways. Text is good to express but smilies are better ! You can use them to express yourself even better ! 

Besides this mega feature, this version introduces many more features like a cool new dashboard, display modules & a tight EasySocial integration to mention just a few of them !  Go on & read the full blog for the complete scoop !

Buy Now Joomla Demo JomSocial demo EasySocial Demo CB Demo

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Posted by on in JBolo
Hey Chatters,
We are glad to announce the new JBolo version 3.1.1 which now has a new integration option for "Easy-Profile" Community Extension.
Easy-Profile component lets you create - Profiled users by creating custom fields. You can choose to create the following types of fields: text, textarea/editor, image, select (dropdown), radio, checkbox, email, date, number, phone, GoogleMaps (Pro version only), hidden, link, delimiter, file. It looks impressive. With Easy-Profile Social Network Plugin - You can create a turn your Joomla site into a social network. Checkout Social Network Plugin Features here.
JBolo - Easy Profile Integration
You can try integration with or without Social Network plugin, if social network plugin is disabled or not installed the JBolo parameter "Show everyone or friends?" will be ignored and you will see all online members.

In addition to this integration this version includes few bug-fixes. You can check the detailed changelog below.


Features added:

+ Feature #29332 EasyProfile community extension integration

Bugs Fixed:

- Bug #28091 Deprecated: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback instead in plg_jbolo_textprocessing.php
- Bug #27031 Can not uninstall Jbolo-Easysocial app, as it is set to be core app 
- Bug #26434 File sending - Global and individual progress bars progress not shown
- Bug #25869 Fix Jquery conflicts and add option in plugin configuration for fixing JS errors
- Bug #22860 Don't switch focus from one chat-window-textarea to the window where new message arrives


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Posted by on in Discounts, Promotions & Offers

Guys I am writing this blog let you know that we’ve Different Bundles which contain Combination of different extensions. So, if you buy a bundle you’ll be getting benefits of many extensions in one bundle.
This blog is about JomSocial Essentials Pack. These are the reasons why you should buy JomSocial Essentials Pack:

b2ap3_thumbnail_social-ad_eae7061211e7bfc24d4ce820e9b2dda3.png1) SocialAds: This extension has taken Joomla advertising to a next level. Advertise on your Joomla website and earn some serious revenue. SocialAds has all the features which are necessary to create an awesome ad and publish it. Some of its features are Multisite Ad Delivery, Ajaxed ad rotation, Ads in email and much more..

b2ap3_thumbnail_jbolo_c87c36c385f9008f61c1a889c50fb037.png2) jBolo: Now this is something which every (good) messenger should be. It is fast and you get a Gmail or Facebook like chat on your website. JBolo has group chats, chat history, user blocking and more..

b2ap3_thumbnail_invitex_decce8de5cf22fb17af62558f9b286de.png 3) Invitex: Intelligent viral invitations for your Joomla website, this is what exactly invitex is. Some of the features that invitex has are captcha protection, invitex anywhere and more..

b2ap3_thumbnail_people-suggest_31f30af465dc8d3ab1419a84c5457db1.png4) People Suggest: Networking Suggestions for JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder. You can expand your social network circle by suggesting friends, meet people you may know include features like profile based suggestions, show reasons for suggestions and much more..

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Posted by on in Beyond Joomla


Guys, This blog is about adding multiple html elements using jQuery and display the cloned field. If you are a developer, you might be interested in this. Hope this Helps! :)

So this is Quick guide to create multiple fields as many as with in minimum efforts

Lets' code! Step by step :

A. Add jQuery file from Google API and add required styling-

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