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JUG Pune August Meetup :  They came, they gathered, they talked Joomla !

Joomla as a community has always been a close to me. Was really overwhelmed to attend the JUG (Joomla User Group) Pune meet. We had 30 odd people attending this meetup.

Learnt many new things through the presentation given by Parth Lawate and Ashwin Date, exchange of ideas took place with developers across Pune. Thought of sharing this experience with you.

The Sessions

This is the coolest thing about the JUG meetup is that its planned to be fun as well as productive. The sessions make sure that JUG attendees get nuggets of wisdom and new information every time !

Building it right with Joomla 3

This was something we all need to know about. The first session was a presentation by Parth, CEO at Techjoomla & currently Strategic Marketing Manager for the Joomla Project on Building it right with Joomla 3 .  The presentation talked about key points you need to know about & make sure you do right while building a Joomla site. You can have a look at the presentation and add somethings to your knowledge.

Building it right with Joomla 3 ! from Parth Lawate

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EasyBlog now at your fingertips with “The Blog App”!

As promised, we’re extremely happy to announce the release of “The Blog App”. This app is set to work with Easyblog to give your readers a way to easily read the blogs on a smartphone. Now even more ways you can get your content to your readers!

The app is currently available on Android’s Play Store and will soon be available on iTunes as well. A lot more features are planned, but since we wanted to make a release very soon, this version is a preview to what is soon to come. The app right now allows your visitors to read blogs from your site. However I promise the next version will be feature packed and will definitely have the ability to write blogs. Social sharing is another feature we are planning for the next release.

Here’s how the app looks like with some of its cool features

1. Start up

You just have to enter your site url and all the blogs on your site will be shown. Username and password are optional. These will be used when blog posting is made available.

2. Latest Blogs

Once you put your website url all blogs on your website will appear. Starting from the latest ones from where you can scroll down.

                                           b2ap3_thumbnail_Login_andriod.png       b2ap3_thumbnail_latest_blogs_android.png   

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Update - Canva. Coming soon to a Joomla near you !

When I saw & used Canva the first time, it was love at first sight !  With its drop dead good looks, super intuitive drag & drop & ability to use free as well as super cheap paid graphic elements including stock photos to create classy graphics, it was extremely powerful. 

To put it simply, Canva had me hooked

Believe me. I am no good at design. I mean i can appreciate good design & give inputs as to what might look good. But hey .. I am no designer. But my job does needs me to come up with graphics all the time. From blog images to newsletter headers & what not. If you can relate with that & don't want to avoid troubling your designer with every other request, then Canva is the tool you want ! 

The first thing that stuck me when I saw Canva was SocialAds. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a 'Banner Ad Designer' powered by canva to design images for Ads in SocialAds ? So i contacted Canva on twitter & they got back immediately with API access. During our discussions with Canva, we realised that Joomla in general as well as extensions like EasyBlog could benefit from a Canva integration. So thats what we decided to do first ! 

We have a nice Canva plugin coming for Joomla very soon followed by one for EasyBlog. In our upcoming releases of SocialAds, we shall also integrate Canva as a banner ad designer. Stay tuned for more updates & let us know what you think ! 

Update 19th August

Quick update to the original blog ! We have completed the Canva plugin for Joomla & since its a editor xtd plugin it also works with EasyBlog & a whole lot of other extensions using the Joomla Editor !  We are planning tighter integrations with EasyBlog to use images as blog images etc. However that will happen once the Canva team completes its review of the plugin & gives us an OK to publish. 

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3 ways to do RESTful APIs in Joomla

There has been a growing trend to start offering RESTful services for any web product, and Joomla is no exception. With Joomla however there is no "preferred" way of writing RESTful services so everyone (that includes us) is trying to build their own component and plugin to enable RESTful services in Joomla. We did the very first REST implementation with Joomla 1.5 which was made as a JSON based alternative to the then existing XML-RPC system that was already present. This blog attempts to list out the various approaches available and the benefits of using each.


Using the JSON document type (format=json)

This is perhaps the oldest and most common way to do JSON over REST. This method is supported inherently by Joomla and developers just need to provide a view.json.php into each of their views to expose the data from the model via JSON. Framework on Framework (FOF) goes a step further and you don't need to create this file if the default output from the model is sufficient to you.


  1. No extra extensions needed
  2. Present directly inside a component so very easy to use model methods


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Make the Joomla Modal Popup Responsive

Today, its critical that your site is mobile friendly. More and more people are accessing the web via their mobile devices. The Joomla native Joomla modal popup is not responsive by default. Here’s how you can make it responsive.

 The Code to make it happen !

1. Import following library at the start of the page. Please make sure you embed this code in php start and end  tags.

JHTML::_('behavior.modal', 'a.modal');

 This simply ensures that the modal.js script and the modal.css style sheets are loaded, plus the mootools javascript framework which the script requires, and initialises the modal window. Note that from Joomla 3.3x onwards using JQuery might be a better idea. 


2. Add following function in javascript

$(document).ready(function() {
	var width = $(window).width();
	var height = $(window).height();

	//ID of container
	$('a#modal_info').attr('rel','{handler: "iframe", size: {x: '+(width-(width*0.10))+', y: '+(height-(height*0.10))+'}}');

If we give modal size directly in html then it will not make modal popup responsive. So for that we have used javascript to give size to the modal.

To give size to the popup window, first we dynamically calculated window size and gave that size to the modal window so this can make our modal popup responsive. 

3. Now you need to invoke the modal in your html with the code below.  Give same id to the javascript and container.



 To create a popup you simply give the css class 'modal' to the link <a> tag which links to the content you want to display just like you would normally do ! 

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This Blog is specially targeted for developers and people who use Jomsocial


  Which turns Joomla CMS into a full-fledged social
networking website. While using your own component with jomsocial you need to make sure that your component is tightly integrated with it and most important is you are notified with the activities happening.


In Jomsocial, notifications are shown on the notification bar and if you use the following code provided by Jomsocial you’ll get email notifications as well. Use  Jomsocial’s Notifications API, to send  notifications to users we write following code


require_once JPATH_ROOT .'/components/com_community/libraries/core.php';

$user = CFactory::getUser();
$cmd = 'system_messaging'; // first param, type of activity
$actor = $user->id; //second param - get the id of $actor
$target = '965'; // third param. Who receive notification? In our dev environment, its admin user with id 965. At your environment, you will most likely want to get the ID from your object or from array of users.
$subject = 'Notification Subject'; // Subject of both, email and popup notifications
$body = 'This is the notification body message'; //Body message in emails.
$template = ''; // If you need to use specific jomsocial template file, you can define it here.
$params = new CParameter(''); // We want to create an additional params object, and assign data to it, without having to formally define a class
CNotificationLibrary::add( $cmd , $actor , $target , $subject , $body , $template , $params );


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Avail 40% discount on Themexpert’s products on their birthday!

ThemeXpert is one of the leading Joomla template creator and is making the Joomla website development experience pleasant since last 4 years. Yes right Themexpert has turned 4 on 7th July 2014.

Let’s celebrate Themexpert’s birthday with them and congratulate them on this auspicious occasion. Themexpert is offering a whooping 40% OFF on all their memberships. Hurry Discount is valid only till 9th july 2014. Make sure you grab this offer. Use coupon code : HAPPY4THBIRTHDAY . Click here to visit the official website. Plus Themexpert is offering all time discount of 25% on their products for Techjoomla active subscribers. For coupon code visit the techjoomla partners page.
You need to be logged in to view the code.

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What's a bad Blog post and why not to write one..

Blogs are the one of the biggest and fastest growing medium of publishing on web..
Blogs have brought in a personal publishing revolution …
Blogs this Blogs that.. Blah Blah Blah !!!

You will find similar lines all over the web glorifying blogging. And actually all of them are very much true. Blogging has changed mass media in a big way and is still doing so now.

Blogging was one of the earliest manifestations of Individual freedom of expression on the Internet and one that has had a big impact on life outside the Internet as well.

The low entry barrier to blogging however also often leads to generation of a mass of low quality content on the web, the authenticity of which can be doubtful. With the growing importance of blogs in online marketing and the stress given on ‘Content Strategy’ and ‘Content Marketing’, recently there has been a huge infusion of content on the web.

Millions of companies and individuals today are trying to ride this Content wave to reach the highs of traffic and sales. If you are planning on jumping on to this wave, its important that you know that its going to be an uphill battle that needs a lot of patience and monitoring. You are competing with millions of other for traffic relevant to your cause.

The Gateways to this flood of traffic are popular Search engines who are trying hard on their end to make sure they weed out content that is irrelevant, spammy or just plain bad quality. Its important for you to make sure your content is up to the scratch and can make it through this maze of booby traps called as Google’s search improvement algorithms with funky names like Panda, Penguin Hummingbird and what not !

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Posted by on in Shika - LMS for Joomla

If you have been following our blog, you will know that we are close to launching a brand new Social Learning system for Joomla.  Its an exciting time for us and development is in full swing ! This blog will give you a quick update on where we are.  If you want to know more about Shika - the Social Joomla LMS, read our Labs Post here

We would love to hear your feedback about what you think of the development and UI so far and give us your valuable inputs. 

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What does it do ?

The Flexi Content plugin for J!MailAlerts allows site users to subscribe to various Flexi Item updates. They can opt to get Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly digests of the article activity on your website.

The User can decide what Categories to receive updates for and how many articles to include in an update.

Frontend User view to let user configure his Flexi content Alerts


Plugin Configuration

The Admin is allowed to chose which categories to offer in the Digest emails on a global level. Only these activities are available to the users to chose from.

**Note that this configuration is limited to the current plugin. To actually send alerts, the Plugin Replacement tag must be included inside the J!MailAlerts digest email configuration. You can read more about configuring J!MailAlerts in the J!MailAlerts documentation.

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