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JTicketing 2.1 Roadmap is here !


Thank you for the fantastic response from all of you on the JTicketing 2.0 release. We are happy to bring you the roadmap for the changes planned in the immediate next release - JTicketing 2.1.

This release is basically a follow up release to complete some features that were originally planned for 2.0 but could not be completed in time for the release and there are some really exciting things in there. One of the major focus areas of this release are a tighter integration with jLike and Shika among other things. This release will also bundle jLike as a core part of jTicketing for free !

JTicketing Mobile friendly user interface

While the last version implemented some great new designs, it was not completely responsive. This version will ensure all views are built to look great across devices.

Unified My Calendar View from jLike & Unified todo insertion in jLike on Enrollment into an event

The ‘My Calendar’ view will not be powered by jLike with jLike todo’s/assignments being mapped on a Calendar view. The benefit of this approach is that it will only show the Events a user has planned to attend but also switch to see other todo’s/assignments from Shika or other extensions.

In order to ensure the above feature works, it is important that a jLike todo is added against the user when the user enrolls for the event. This should happen in all scenarios that trigger an Event enrollment like Free Self Enrollment, Buying a Ticket, Nomination via com_hierarchy, CSV imported enrollments or manual ticket creation in backend.

Todo Completion plugin for JTicketing

This will ensure the todo added against a user when he enrolls for an event is marked completed when the user attends the event. This could be done using the check in view by the vendor or the admin or done using the JTicketing Mobile app from Appcarvers.

Improved Shika JTicketing integration with Event as Lesson and Event Category as lesson

This version makes some major improvements in jTicketing integration with Shika. Earlier we only had a ‘Event as Lesson’ option where a single jTicketing event could be added as a lesson in Shika. Now you will have an option of adding an Event Category and choose how many events from that category need to be attended to mark lesson completion. Also Event enrollment has been decoupled from Course enrollment to give users a choice whether they want to attend the event or not.

Manager/Admin Approval workflow for Student Application to attend an Event

When used as a corporate training system, it’s important that users can apply to attend an event and then their manager can approve the same. This version will support this via permissions and com_hierarchy integration.

Better Assign Recommend Workflow via jLike

While jTicketing 2.0 already supported this, we have improved this workflow and UX for the same. This will allow users with the appropriate permissions to do assignments and recommendations from the JTicketing event details view. Bulk assignment via User groups will also be supported.

JTicketing, jLike Assignments, com_hierarchy Integration

This version brings an integration with com_hierarchy - Techjoomla’s infrastructure extension that allows you to manage User hierarchy relationships typically needed in corporate environments. This integration will allow the following

  1. Allow Managers to Assign JTicketing Events to users Under them via jLike
  2. Allow Managers to see the training calendar of Users Under them via jLIke

Standardised Semantic HTML Across All Products

A lot of customers have given us feedback that our HTML semantics are not uniform across all products. We will be fixing this in upcoming major releases of all products. This will make it easier to use our products on the same site.

Shika 1.1.11 is here!
Shika Roadmap Update !

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