Woohoo !!! J!Ticketing 1.1 is here & it packs some really awesome features. This is one Box you would realy love to open ! These new features set JTicketing a class apart in the world on Event Ticketing for Joomla. Let me give you a peak into the most exciting features J!Ticketing 1.1 has to offer.

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 Quite a bit isnt it ? We have now put J!Ticketing on an accelerated development path which means that you are going to get a lot of features sooner. So if you havent subscribed yet, jump on today !  You can get J!Ticketing for just 39.9$ (6 Months) | 69.9 (12 Months) if you buy  before the 31st of May. So Get it Now !

Current subscribers can download J!Ticketing from the My Subscriptions Area. If you want to read the full changelog, please read on.


Feature    #11539         Give facitlity for guest users also to buy tickets with Registration and without Registrstion
Feature    #11684         Added PDF as attachment to email while booking event
Feature    #11770         CSV Export Attender list
Feature    #11769         Coupon     Management
Feature    #11768         user defined Ticket Types and price
Feature    #11685         Added Authorise.net plugin
Feature    #11689         Add Linkpoint plugin and Paypalpro for event booking
Feature    #11771         2Checkout plugin added
Feature    #11847         Add Jomsocial Points And Alpha user point plugin
Feature    #11689         Add Linkpoint plugin for event booking
Task        #11772         Full error Handling for Payment Gateway
Task        #11545         Common Payment Gateway structure so that more payment Gateway may be added in future