What does the Subscription give me?

The Subscriptions is a 'Support' & 'Upgrade' Subscriptions. You can get access to Downloads, Upgrades and Support as defined in our support scope during your active subscription period. You can use the product after the subscription expires but your access to downloads/upgrades and support will be discontinued.

Will My Extension stop working once the Subscription expires ?

Not At all! You can keep using the extension for life! The subscription is only for Access to support, Downloads and upgrades. 

Can I Use It on More than One Site?

Yes, your license allows you to use it on more than one domain but the support will be provided only for one domain /site. To get support for more than one domain/site you will have to buy another subscription. If you need support for multiple websites, you can also consider purchasing the unlimited domain support subscriptions. 

When is support available?

Support is available in Business Hours on Weekdays (Monday to Friday) IST. If you add a ticket on Weekends, please allow till EOD, Monday for replies.

Do I need Zend / IonCube?

No you do not. None of our extensions are encrypted. You are free to customize them to fit your needs perfectly.

How do I get support?

Note that in order to get support for our products, you need to use one of the below methods as applicable. Unfortunately we cannot provide support via email. For Support for Free products, you need to use the Forums at techjoomla.com . Free products are supported by the community via Forums. 

For Support for Paid Products, Please login to your account at techjoomla.com and use  the 'Support Tickets' system.Using Support Tickets, helps us help you better since all information and previous tickets by you are organised together.

How to get your Download ID?

Download ID is necessary for receiving new version updates right in your Joomla installation through Joomla Updates Manager.

You can get it in 3 simple steps-

  1. Login to Techjoomla site with the username and password you used while registering
  2. Select Add-on Download IDs menu from My Account menu
  3. Copy the - main Download ID shown on that page and set that in the component options!