Getting Started

A. Setting Up your Website/Web App for Smartphone Reporting
  1. Install the Joomla REST API extension on your site
  2. Install & publish the required plugins (Virtuemart/Tienda/Redshop/SocialAds)

B. Setting up your Mobile device

  1. Install the App from the iPhone or Android Market
  2. Configure your reporting Profile
  3. When you run the app for the first time, you will be shown the Add Profile screen where you type the Profile Nickname, Site url (with http), site admin username & password & finally the type of Profile
  4. Click on Add Profile. Multiple profiles can be added in the same way.

C. Using the App 

  1. Add profile: This allows you to add multiple Profiles
  2. Manage Profile: This view allows you to Select the active profile & delete profiles
  3. Help: This menu will take you a screen that has help available within the app as well as the ability to contact support.

Custom Development Requests

Extending Reportoise

If you are interested in getting an estimate for adding support for your Application to reportoise, we can help you do that both for developing the reporting APIs as well extending the reportoise framework. So if you have an app that needs smartphone reporting, we are here to help ! Just drop us an email via Contact Form & we’ll get back to you with an estimate !

Custom Android & iPhone AppsDownloadFirst, get the app of your choice

Our team specialises in developing apps on Android & IPhone. We build using frameworks like Titanium Appcelerator & PhoneGap to help share code bases between various devices & also speed up development in effect giving you an affordable service to get your apps built. Have an App idea that you want developed ? Lets Talk !


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