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Fast & Flexible Social Ecommerce with Multi Vendor & Multi Store for your Joomla website with the amazing features ever!

Quick2Cart is a super flexible Social Ecommerce shopping cart with Multi Vendor, Multi Store & an awesome JomSocial Integration. So now you have a great way to start monetizing your Social network.

All your users can create their own stores & manage their own products. You can charge a commission on each transaction or if you so choose, integrate with something like Payplans or AEC & charge for this feature, plus with 10+ Payment gateways on the Common payments API & awesome developer APIs its easy to extend Quick2Cart to do your Bidding..Store owners can also create their own coupons. Users can buy products from one or more stores & checkout in a single step.

Note: Multivendor support in this version is for Native Products only. (Support for Joomla Content, Zoo, K2 Flexi content for Multi Vendor will be introduces in future releases).

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Features of Quick2Cart

Selection 029Multivendor with multistore Support

Any user who visits the site can become a seller/vendor on your site. There can be as many no. of users that many no. of sellers/vendor on your single site. A user who wants to become a seller/vendor has to just create a new store and he will automatically be the seller/vendor on this site.

A seller/vendor can create more than 1 stores on the site. The admin of the site can set limit to the no. of store a seller/vendor can create.


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Get the freedom of using any of the great Joomla Content Construction Kits including Joomla Content, Zoo & K2 as your product management tool.
We believe that Products are basically content & customers should have the flexibility to choose the best tools available to showcase their products. Which is why we let Joomla’s awesome CCKs handle the product management while quick2cart adds an e-commerce layer & handled the cart & checkout.  Whether existing catalog in any of the CCKs or are starting afresh, Quick2Cart promises to be the quickest way to get your Shop live!

Our integrations let you configure pricing options & attributes from within your favourite CCK  & also give a nice looking add to Cart button display on the fronted.

  • Joomla Content Integration

  • FLEXIcontent
  • Zoo Integration. Thanks Jan @Yootheme for all the awesome help in getting together this great integration!

  • K2 Integration// Product Management

Various Module options

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Set various features of Q2C in different modules like

  • Shopping Cart- Gives a quick snapshot of the user’s current shopping cart status.  Cart contents can be made available to users on any pages needed. Has a full as well as a compact view that you can chose from depending on your needs.
  • Select store categories
  • Select Different Stores
  • Releated products from a category
  • Latest Products
  • Top Selling products

Selection 035Multiple Product Attributes options & multiple product images

Define any no. of product attributes, multi product images &positive or negative price impact. Get great flexibility in defining products. Eg : Size, Color




Jomsocial Integration

Q2C - Jomsocial Integration

 Quickcart can also be integrated with jomsocial. This covers:

  • A new quick2cart products menu will be seen in jomsocial's toolbar.
  • All the activities in the store from vendor's end will be shown in the jomsocial's activity stream.
  • The vendor gets jomsocial notifications, when any buyer buys his/her products



jLike! integration

The buyers can like/dislike and leave any comments about a product


Basic Stock

Ability to specify in stock quantities for products & automatically subtract quantities on successful sales.

Out Of stock shipping Support

Out of stock shipping support optionally lets you buy a product in an out of stock situation.

Minimum & Maximum Order Quantity

Ability to optionally set minimum & maximum order quantities per product.


Quick2Cart is fully bootstrapped - both on the frontend as well as backend.

Multiple Currency Support

Basic multi currency support to optionally let you specify product pricing in multiple currencies.

Registration during Checkout & Guest Checkout

Full flexibility to enable or disable guest registration & control the guest registration process by either using a quick registration or silent registration process.

Optional Shipping

Don’t need Shipping for your products ? Just disable it in the backend!

Support for Multiple Payment Gateways

Quick2Cart comes powered with the Techjoomla common payments api for Joomla & supports over 10 payment gateways to handle your payment.

  • Paypal
  • Authorizenet
  • Linkpoint
  • Paypalpro
  • alphauserpoints
  • JomSocialPoints
  • PayBy Check
  • By Purchase Order
  • Payu
  • Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking
  • 2Checkout (alpha)

Statistics Dashboard

Quick2Cart has a great sales dashboard that allows you to get a snapshot of your sales. Includes the following reports.

  • All-time total orders income
  • Periodic income- Calendar available to view the income of a particular period
  • Periodic orders- Pie Chart to give overview of Pending Orders, Refund Orders, Confirmed Orders

Order Management & CSV Export

The Order Management view shows you a list of Orders with all the orders on your site with a free text & Order status filters.  It also facilitates Order deletions & CSV export of all orders.

Coupon Management

Super flexible Coupons management with the ability to create both absolute & percentage value coupons & various additional parameters like maximum uses, maximum uses per user & Validy dates.

Shipping Plugins for flexible shipping calculations

Quick2Cart comes with a standard shipping plugin that lets you set a flat standard shipping fee. In addition, there is a very flexible API that lets developers do more complex shipping calculations. A full shipping manager with location & weight based calculations is in the making & will be available shortly.

Taxation Plugins for flexible Tax Calculation

A standard flat rate taxation plugin comes inbuilt with Quick2Cart. Similar to shipping, flexible taxation plugins can be written by devs for more complex tax calculations.

Order Notification Emails

Both the customer & Admin are sent Order emails as well as order status change emails when the status of the order is changed on Payment completion.

Google Analytics Integration

Inbuilt Google Analytics integration for E Commerce Conversion tracking! With this you can track your sales via Google Analytics.

Affiliate System Integrations with IDevAffiliate, WizAffiliates

Quick2cart has native integrations with IdevAffiliate & WizAffiliates allowing you to create a great affiliate program for your shop & offer great incentives to your affiliate partners. Plus its easy to extend quick2cart with a plugin to add more affiliate integrations.

 Super Extensible & Developer Friendly, Developer API Available

On one side, Quick2cart is built to be super simple & straightforward for end users & site admins. However its real strength lies in the fact that its super flexible & can be used by developers on top of any type of flow to sell absolutely anything. A strong plugin API lets you tweak & extend Quick2Cart as you need.


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Plus with 10+ Payment gateways on the Common payments API & awesome developer APIs its easy to extend Quick2Cart to do your Bidding..



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