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Joomla Training in India
Wednesday, 13 May 2009 21:18

Learn everything about this award winning open source CMS from our experienced trainers who have 7+ years of first hand experience in development using Joomla. Our courses range for everyone from the novice to the experienced PHP Developer. Courses include Elementary & Intermediate Joomla Training, Template Development training as well as Extension Development Training .

Who Can take our Joomla Training Courses ?

If you match even one of the below you are sure to benefit from our courses:

  • PHP Developers who wish to start developing Joomla extensions
  • Graphic Designers who wish to learn about Joomla, and CMS template creation in general
  • Students interested in making a career in Open Source Technologies
  • Enthusiasts / Businessmen who wish to build their site on their own
  • Members of NGOs / Nonprofits who wish to carry out activities like fund raisers and awareness whilst keeping costs low and scalability high
  • Marketing guys who wish to know about Joomla from the 'selling' perspective
  • Individuals who wish to create a simple personal website or blog

How is Training Administered & Courses offered

Currently we are only offering Enterprise training at company offices for groups of 5 or more people. Please call for Pricing

  • Joomla Basic
  • Joomla Intermediate
  • Joomla Template Development
  • Joomla Coding

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