Joomla Training Schedule for Pune & Mumbai is live !
Friday, 03 June 2011 16:26

You might recall we had announced a Joomla Training Initiative at Joomla day India in April in collaboration with Open Source Training. The first of the courses will be held in Pune in June with another session being held in Mumbai in July. We will be following up with sessions in Ahemdabad, Chandigad, Delhi & Chennai. The courses are designed to give hands on experience in Joomla & we have tons of Goodies for all the participants :) 

Costs have been heavily reduced to ensure that even students can join the courses & the Joomla community eventually !

Check out all the details here : http://techjoomla.com/table/joomla-classroom-training-schedule-india/

I hope you guys can join in the Joomla fun :)

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