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jGive 1.0.3 released with support for old 'jomGive-like-paypal-donations'
Tuesday, 11 December 2012 16:02


We have released another update to jGive - version 1.0.3 today. We have added more configuration options for orderid and payment related settings. The old jomGive like donation suport is back again :). This means now all fund money raised can directly goto campaign creator's account [off course if admin wants!! ;) ]  But note that, this will only work with paypal. We have added a new column named Fund Holder in some reports view. Fund holder means - to whose acount the donation money was originally transefered too. This will help admins to make audits easy for earleir campaigns :).

In addition to this, we have made some of the views responsive. We will keep on making remaining views responsive in upcoming versions. Check the changelog give below


jGive 1.0.3 Changelog -

Compatible with Joomla! 2.5.x

+ Features Added (5)

#13327 Use campaign creator's paypal email id and skip admin's role in payment flow (works only for paypal)

#13746 Add new configuration Options in component parameters
--Payment related settings
---Send Payments Directly to Campaign promoter without charging any commissions ( works only with Paypal Payment Gateway )
--Order id related settings
---Enter prefix for order id
---Enter separator to use in order id 
---Use random number as a part of order id
---Enter number of zeroes to be padded in order id (if required)

#13747 Show new order ids wherever applicable

#13960 Make these views responsive - [ All campaigns blog view, Create/edit campaign view , Single Campaign view ]

#13984 Show fund holder ( to whose account the donation money was originally transferred to ) in reports views

^ Other Tasks implemented (3)
- Updated bootstrap CSS to latest version 2.2.2
- Updated FOF to latest version

Follow setup and configuration instructions here

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