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Commercial Plugins for the J!MailAlerts Extension


J!MailAlerts is a automated periodic Email Alerts system.It supports sending any kind of content extensible via plugins. This category lists the various commercially supported J!MailAlerts extensions available at Techjoomla.

Please note that for these extensions to work, you need the core J!MailAlerts Extension which is available for free in our Free Extensions Area. Commercial support for this extension can also be availed by buying the Subscription here.

The commercial plugins are available on a 1 Month Support Subscription* basis.

The Support subscription entitles you to support as well as access to updates for the product during this period. You can install the product on as many sites as you want, but support will be provided for one domain only. You can keep using the product on your site for life but updates can only be accessed in the subscription period. Please See FAQs for details about the subscription.

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