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RoadMap for JBolo! 2013-14. See whats coming up !
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Wednesday, 05 June 2013 00:00

jbolo sourceAhoy there All your Joomla peeps !  The Roadmap for one of our most popular extensions J!Bolo is now available :) We regularly maintain our extensions & keep adding new features to  periodically. Features are based on our users feedback on the forums, via Tickets, email & Social Channels. Do Comment on this article & give us your Feedback. Your inputs shall be considered in order to convert this Draft roadmap to a frozen one. 

 Version 3.0: Expected release - June 2013 ( Features Freezed)

  • Compatibility with Joomla 3.x 

  • Drop support for Joomla 1.5.x
  • Group chat 

  • Gravatar integration

  • All new admin dashboard

 Version 3.1: Expected release - September 2013

  • Group chat bookmarking

  • Developer API for group-chat creation

  • File uploading from chat window itself

  • Media previews in chatwindows for image/video/audio files

  • More smileys/ animated/sprite support

  • Akeeba tickets integration

  • More optimised and light weighted chat

  • ARS base update


Version 3.2: Expected release - December 2013

  • Chatrooms

  • Better and easier file uploading inside chat window itself

  • Off the record setting option

  • Introduction of one new theme


Version 3.3: Expected release - March 2014

  • Guest chat / live chat support

  • Growl notifications
  • Introduction of one new theme

  • Admin chat monitoring

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