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Invitex 2.8 Beta 1 is out!
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Wednesday, 09 October 2013 14:29

We are pretty excited to announce the availability of Invitex 2.8 Beta 1 for testing.  This version brings some really exciting new features as below. Remember, this is a Beta release, so dont use it on live sites !

The release is available in the My Subscriptions area for you to download.

Feature Highlights

  • Let Guest send Invitations with Captcha protection
  • Social Network Batching
  • Ability to redirect to Invitation on Login with the ability to Skip
  • Support Virtuemart as the Registration provider
  • Activity Stream Integrations for CB, JomWall & JomSocial & Social Push to Broadcast
  • Awesome Intelligent Notifications - With Both Standard Email & JS Notifications Support

Feature Testing Instructions

Let Guest send Invitations with Captcha protection.
Now, the Guest can Access Invitex in frontend. Please make sure that you enable and configure Captcha plugin provided by Joomla.

Social Network Batching
As only LinkedIn and Twitter APIs enforce throttle limit on send message as 10 and 250 respectively, Invittaions sent using LinkedIn and twitter API will fist enquied in database and When cron job execites, Invitex will actually send Invitation messages. 

Ability to redirect to Invitation on Login with the ability to Skip
User will see Invitxe on login if respective config is set to yes fom backend.

Reporting Instructions

You can report any issues you find in the Beta on the forums here.

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