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cb power packAll Our Community Builder Extensions in one Pack at one great Price!

The Community Builder pack is the compilation of all our best Community Builder extension in one value pack. A turbo charger to your user's Social networking experience!


socialads src

SocialAds. Joomla Advertising Reloaded!

Joomla Advertising Reloaded. Start generating serious revenue with using powerful extension. Know more...

Actual Value: $79.99 (6 Months) | $119.99 (12 Months)



invitexInvitex. Intelligent viral invitations for your Joomla site

The most comprehensive Invitations system with native api contacts import, automated invitations, intelligent invites, rich invites content, tracking, points integration & much much more... 

Actual Value :$49.99 (6 Months | $79.99 (12 Months)


jbolo source

JBolo! - Chat for Community Builder

JBolo! is a really cool extension that will integrate Facebook & Gmail like chat into Joomla Websites.A Must have extension that integrates flawlessly Community Builder. Know More...

Actual :$29.99 (6 Months | $49.99 (12 Months)




People Suggest for Community Builder

People suggest brings all Facebook & LinkedIn like an intelligent suggestion system to enhance the depth of connections in a Social network & lots. Know More...

Actual Value: $29.99 (6 Months | $49.99 (12 Months)




Broadcast. Social Sync for your Joomla Website!

Broadcast is a Social Sync tool for your Joomla & Community Builder websites.If you use CB, you can use JomWall. Know More...

Actual Value: $29.99 (6 Months | $49.99 (12 Months)



cbmutualCommunity Builder Mutual Friends

JomSocial Mutual Friends plugin displays mutual friends of the logged in user & the user whose profile the user is looking at on the Profile page. Know More...

 Actual Value: $19.99 (6 Months | $29.99 (12 Months)



profile import srcProfile import for Community Builder

Profile Import for Community Builder allows your users to update their profiles on your website from Social Networks of their choice with a single click. A great addon to save your users the trouble of updating their profiles & keeping them current. Know more....

Actual Value: $19.99 (6 Months | $29.99 (12 Months)


 Pack Offer : $260 | $208 (6 Months) $410 | $308 (12 Months)

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Last Updated: Sunday, 20 April 2014 10:46

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