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We're moving! Please Follow our Official Techjoomla page on Google+

Hi Guys,
An important announcement. Please make a note that we are unifying our Google Plus Pages in order to consolidate the mess google has created by automatically creating many pages which is confusing our followers.

Please make sure you are following the Official Techjoomla Google + Page here :

Please do not follow any other pages. All other pages are going to be deleted soon ! 

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Nothing Mars the ISRO mission. Techjoomla joins in the celebrations with a 15% store wide discount !

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) successfully launched MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission) . ISRO is the only organisation that entered the mars’s orbit in it’s first attempt. The whole of India is celebrating this awesome achievement !

Techjoomla announces a 15% Storewide discount and joins in the celebration. Offer valid till 30th of September. Hurry up and get it before its too late ! 

Coupon Code : ISRO-MOM

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jGive coming soon on iTunes and Google Play Store

jGive, a powerful crowd-funding extension for Joomla is coming soon as a mobile app.

jGive (extension) has many more features. For details you can visit our landing page.
App will be easy to use, you will have to make sure that the website you enter on the login page has jGive extension installed on it and you are up for it.

Now with this app you will be able do things like:

b2ap3_thumbnail_2.png   b2ap3_thumbnail_7.png     b2ap3_thumbnail_12.png

  1. See the list of campaigns and campaign details
  2. View the donor’s information
  3. Share campaign on social networks and spread the word
  4. Check the givebacks and Statistical information
  5. Search the campaign you want is now more easier with the search bar.
    and much more.

This app will give you power to overview the crowd funding campaign on your website.
jGive app will be soon available for download on iTunes and Google Play Store.

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Independence Day Holiday - long weekend announcement

Please note that we are off from 15th August to 17th August, as 15th is the Indian Independence day making it a long weekend for us. Support shall be offline during this period. We will try & respond to all open issues on the 14th & close them.

We will be back on Monday, 18th August with the support you love !  

Happy Independence day to all Indians ! 

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Joomla 3 Day - Techjoomla is presenting !

Joomla 3 Day, an online event of Webinars is happening on the 14th and 15th of August thanks to OSTraining Joomla 3 Day will be like a free, online Joomla Day with expert presenters from all over the world coming online to talk to you about Joomla 3 and what you can build with it. With over 18 sessions on a variety of topics, this is one event you don't want to miss !

Plus since the event is online, you can attend from the comfort of your home or office !  Know more about Joomla 3 day here

Team Techjoomla has 4 presentations in the event. Some of which are general educational ones while some will let you take a deep dive in some of our products & experience them hands on !  

The Techjoomla Team Schedule for Joomla 3 Day


Presenter Session  Sign up

07:00 AM

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Avail 40% discount on Themexpert’s products on their birthday!

ThemeXpert is one of the leading Joomla template creator and is making the Joomla website development experience pleasant since last 4 years. Yes right Themexpert has turned 4 on 7th July 2014.

Let’s celebrate Themexpert’s birthday with them and congratulate them on this auspicious occasion. Themexpert is offering a whooping 40% OFF on all their memberships. Hurry Discount is valid only till 9th july 2014. Make sure you grab this offer. Use coupon code : HAPPY4THBIRTHDAY . Click here to visit the official website. Plus Themexpert is offering all time discount of 25% on their products for Techjoomla active subscribers. For coupon code visit the techjoomla partners page.
You need to be logged in to view the code.

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We already have an offer going on for FIFA World Cup 2014. We will be giving Flat 30% off on all products. However as the football fever is heating up we thought of making it more interesting and give away free subscriptions daily.

Guess the winner for each quarter-final matches and win prizes.

Quarter-final match starting from 4th july. 1 day, 2 matches. Fill the form and win. We will be selecting winners by lucky draw from the correct submissions. Form entries will stop as soon as the first match of the day starts. New form will be uploaded for the next day on this same blog. Make sure you grab this opportunity and make the most of it. Winners will be announced on the next day. Make Sure you Bookmark this page.

The Form Submission has been closed and its time to announce the WINNERS nowThe Winners of Techjoomla Football Bonanza are:

  1. First Day Quarter Final matches were predicted correctly by Joshua Jaymes
  2. Second Day Quarter Final matches were predicted correctly by Felix Warren

Congratulations to the Winners!!!!! You guys will be receiving Free 12 months subscription of SocialAds and Invitex.

Winners of FOOTBALL FEVER will be announced on 16th July on this Page.

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Here's your chance to get 30% OFF!!

The heat is on & football fever is in the air .. and its hit is Hard ! So hard that we are giving huge discounts on our subscriptions & also giving away several extension subscriptions for free !   Here's a Quick look at the competition.  

Ah Discounts !! Where do I Sign up ? 

Signing up just needs you to fill out the form below & predict the winning team ! 

What are the rewards  ? 

A flat 30% off to all the winners who predict the correct team off all our Product Subscriptions.

Sign Up Now ! Fill out the form below. 

Offer valid till 4th July 2014 only. So Hurry ! 

Form entries are closed now.

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Guys, As the world cup is here, you all must be excited about who will be the winning team and so are we. Let’s celebrate FIFA world cup in a different way this time.
Football has always been a great game to play, lot of enthusiasm and team spirit. FIFA fever has bit Techjoomla team really hard and we all are going gaga over this. So Techjoomla has come up with an exciting offer for all you football fans out there. You guys have to predict who the winning team will be and if the team you predicted wins the world cup this time, you will be getting flat 30% OFF on all Techjoomla individual products.


You just have to fill a registration form and tell us who do you think will win the world cup this time. OFFER valid till the Quarter finals that is till 4th July 2014. Make sure you fill the form and grab this opportunity. Forms will be available in next week, watch out for the announcement..!!

 Contest is now closed & winners have been notified by email.

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Guys I am writing this blog let you know that we’ve Different Bundles which contain Combination of different extensions. So, if you buy a bundle you’ll be getting benefits of many extensions in one bundle.
This blog is about JomSocial Essentials Pack. These are the reasons why you should buy JomSocial Essentials Pack:

b2ap3_thumbnail_social-ad_eae7061211e7bfc24d4ce820e9b2dda3.png1) SocialAds: This extension has taken Joomla advertising to a next level. Advertise on your Joomla website and earn some serious revenue. SocialAds has all the features which are necessary to create an awesome ad and publish it. Some of its features are Multisite Ad Delivery, Ajaxed ad rotation, Ads in email and much more..

b2ap3_thumbnail_jbolo_c87c36c385f9008f61c1a889c50fb037.png2) jBolo: Now this is something which every (good) messenger should be. It is fast and you get a Gmail or Facebook like chat on your website. JBolo has group chats, chat history, user blocking and more..

b2ap3_thumbnail_invitex_decce8de5cf22fb17af62558f9b286de.png 3) Invitex: Intelligent viral invitations for your Joomla website, this is what exactly invitex is. Some of the features that invitex has are captcha protection, invitex anywhere and more..

b2ap3_thumbnail_people-suggest_31f30af465dc8d3ab1419a84c5457db1.png4) People Suggest: Networking Suggestions for JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder. You can expand your social network circle by suggesting friends, meet people you may know include features like profile based suggestions, show reasons for suggestions and much more..

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