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Posted by on in jLike


Its been a long time that there has been any release for jLike. However, the wait is over now. Our team is coming up with a new version jLIke 1.1. jLIke 1.1 will be having some awesome improvements in UI and will be power packed with a lot of features. We’ve taken jLike to a next level this time and the release will be soon.

Some features that this release will be having are:

  • Commenting     
  • Threaded comments


  • Set “See more” option for Long Comments
  • Like and Dislike Button for comments
  • Reply to individual comments
  • Comments sorting
  • JomSocial & EasySocial Notifications for Comments and Likes!


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Posted by on in Joomla Development

Are you building admin list-view in your Joomla Extension? Do you want to include Search Tools in your Joomla 3.x extension? Here is a quick guide to do so in easy steps.

First we will check the folder structure needed, and then we will see sample code.

A. Folder structure and files we will see in action here-

Folder structure -


Files that needs to be added / changed -

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Posted by on in Beyond Joomla

I've often seen confusion about these two - Amazon S3 vs Cloudfront. People do get confused on what is the best option for them, and I don't blame them. The whole Amazon jungle is a tough one to navigate around! I always find myself writing long emails or having long conversations explaining the difference. We were very recently planning a Joomla 1.5 -> Joomla 3 migration for a news/video site and a part of the plan was of course performance improvements. Eventually this question did come up. So here's a quick primer on how to decide what's the right thing for you.


Amazon S3

S3 is the name of Amazon's file storage service (Remember imageshack or photobucket ?). You upload your files - images, video, css, javascript, documents and any file to Amazon servers, than storing that on your server. So what S3 does is really improve your storage costs since storing such media on S3 is cheaper, especially you are on SSD storage. So S3 isn't exactly a site optimization service. However most often than not, this does end up being a performance improvement due to 2 reasons

  • You are using Amazon's infrastructure which is better than a lot of web hosts out there
  • Since your media is on a separate domain/sub-domain the browser can download assets in parallel

From a Joomla perspective, you will need to use an extension like Easysocial or Jomsocial that supports uploading media like photos, avatars to Amazon S3.

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Posted by on in JBolo

JBolo is one of the most popular Chat systems for Joomla & many popular Social networking platforms like JomSocial, EasySocial, Community builder to name a few. However besides these systems there are many extensions available that extend the Joomla User management to add features like extra fields, profiles, avatars etc. 

This blog is targeted at extension developers who want to add JBolo support for their specific profile extension. We are writing this integration guide for Jbolo so that you can easily integrate it with the community extension you build.

You can easily integrate Jbolo by modifying two files -

Find this file - administrator/components/com_jbolo/config.xml

1. Add configuration option to set integration to your community

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Posted by on in Quick2cart

As promised earlier this week, we are here with a blog detailing how we plan to implement Multi Vendor taxation & shipping in Quick2Cart. It also includes details of how full fledged shipping Shipping configuration, including weight based calculations & 3PD shipping will be handled. In order to make it completely flexible, we are making all configurations available on a Store level so that a vendor can have an independent configuration for each of his stores ( if you are also using Multi Store) 

With this we are also starting an exercise to better manage Shipping & taxation in Joomla in general. Just like payments, there are thousands of shipping providers with their own APIs and similar ones for tax calculation are cropping up. We hope that our work in this will lead to Common APIs for Shipping & taxation which can be used by the entire community. 

As always, your suggestions are welcome. Do comment on the blog & post any comments you might have. 

Some Infrastructural Work

Country, State/Region Manager

Techjoomla has many extensions that need a better system to manage lists of countries, states & cities. As a Company need to create a common code base to handle this to reduce duplication and wasted time. Customers need the flexibility to choose which countries, states are available. This Manager will let users control what they want on a extension level. This will also have a slight impact on how taxation & shipping is handled.

Manage Zones

Countries or States/Regions may be grouped together as a Zone for the ease of defining various rates like taxation & shipping.

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Posted by on in Techjoomla Labs

Shika in Marathi means 'to learn'. Like with many ideas, this idea started out of frustration of the lack of good LMS systems for Joomla. Sure there are a few but we saw a dire need of something different with a fresh approach.

Shika is a Learning Management System (LMS) for Joomla. Its been in development now for more than a year & is in production use at some of our clients. We are now beginning the process to generalize the development as a plug & play product for Joomla based eLearning.

I know I am blogging pretty late ! Frankly just didn't get the time to do it till now :) 

With this labs post, we hope to give you an outline of what Shika will be as a product when its released in a few months from now. We hope to get some early feedback from you & help us be more Agile in our development process while you get a product that's much closer to your every day needs !


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Posted by on in SocialAds

Socialads 3.0 is here to start another revolution in Joomla Advertising. With SocialAds we have always tried to push the boundaries of Joomla Advertising. This release is no different.

Our kick off meeting set a clear vision for our team for the SocialAds 3.0 release.

Maximizing Advertising Real Estate , Enhanced User Experience & Unmatched performance.

This & the immense feedback we have received from the community went into the recipe of what was to become a pretty power packed release for us. We hope you will agree that we have done this vision justice in this release !

Multi Site Ad Delivery, Ad Rotation, A brand new integrated Ad creation & checkout wizard, Tight EasySocial Integration, are just a few of the awesome features in this release .  Read on for the full blog post for complete details of this release !

The release is available with immediate effect to all existing subscribers.

Not Using SocialAds Yet ? 

If you are not using SocialAds on your site yet, we invite you to start today !  We are specially extending our ‘No Questions Asked Money back policy’ to 30 days for everyone who buys SocialAds in the next 15 days. This is one extension you can’t afford not to have on your site if you offer any kind of advertising. So take this chance & make the switch now !

Buy Now

Checkout our Demos & Screenshots

Joomla Demo JomSocial Demo EasySocial Demo Screenshots

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Posted by on in Joomla Development

The Bootstrap 2.3 vs Bootstrap 3 Problem

As of now Joomla uses Bootstrap 2.3 as the officially supported library. However template developers have started adopting Bootstrap 3 in their frameworks & templates. Originally it was hoped that Bootstrap would help get a unified user interface for Joomla. Currently Joomla extension developers are hard pressed to support both 2.3 & 3 in their extensions. 

Doing this means that either extension developers will need to provide alternative layouts for Bootstrap 2.3 as well as as for Bootstrap 3. This however might not always be practical. We need a better solution. 

Exploring for a Solution with the Community

Techjoomla is helping organize a Extension & Template developers group to bring a more sustainable solution to this problem. In an ideal world extension developers would be able to concentrate on the Business logic code & innovate in functionality while letting template developers be innovative in creating awesome designs. For now a solution is being sought on the group to have an unified & standard way for extension devs to offer both BS 2.3 & BS 3 to end users. 

What if i want Bootstrap 3 Now ?

Till that happens, we are recommending that you use the method suggested by Joostrap to convert Bootstrap 2.3 to Bootstrap 3.0 using No Number's ReReplacer plugin.  We have found this the most painless way to get Bootstrap 3 to work immediately with our templates. 

So if you want Bootstrap 3 now, this is the way to go.

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Posted by on in Quick2cart

We just finished the initial planning for Quick2Cart 2.2. As always we want to know what you think & want your feedback for the next awesome release !  

We are planning to work in 1 week sprints & will try to make feature alphas available for testing every other week. We expect to have the major development wrapped up in around 6 weeks barring surprises.  Your feedback will be extremely valuable in all stages starting with the current planning stage .

The blog details all the features we expect will make it into the stable 2.2 release. So please comment away & add as much feedback as you can. We have tried & fit in all the features you have been asking for quite some time.

The theme for this release is “Plugging the holes in Quick2Cart from a CCK Cart Multi vendor Social Cart Perspective “ .

Improved Shipping for Single & Multivendor

One of the most sought after features, Shipping in Quick2Cart both for Single & Multivendor modes will receive a complete overhaul. Every vendor will be able to decide what Shipping methods to use & define shipping rules

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Posted by on in Beyond Joomla

Lot of us love to have DISQUS comments on our sites. It's one of those hosted commenting systems that adds virality to all content and comments on your site. Techjoomla uses DISQUS too, and during our recent site upgrade we had a challenge ensuring that our comments get carried over since the migration meant that the links/URLs to all our pages got changed. We were really glad that we chose DISQUS, since they have some really useful tools for migrating comments when changing URLs. 

We wrote a neat little script that could read the export file that DISQUS generates and find out the 404s. Then we added these 404 links as aliases to the correct SEF URLs. Re-ran the script to get a mapping file that could be uploaded to DISQUS. Done!

Here are detailed steps along with links to resources to get the job done!

  1. Allowed the SEF URLs to get generated on the new site
  2. Exported a list of our discussions from DISQUS (See how)
  3. Ran a script to find out which of these go to a 404 (Get the script)
  4. Added the 404 URLs as aliases to the respective correct URLs using sh404
  5. Ran the script again to generate the 'URL mapping' file that is needed by DISQUS to migrate the comments
  6. Upload the CSV file at DISQUS, and within 24 hours your discussions should start showing up on the new URLs

 Another important thing that you need to ensure during migration is the uniqueness of your comments. You will be using either the disqus_url or disqus_id for this. It's worth noting here that in case of disqus_url, the http and https variants of the same page are treated as separate threads by DISQUS. You will need to ensure only one or the other is used. 

Unfortunately there's no way to do a similar thing with Facebook, Twitter & G+ , if you've been in a similar spot and have been able to migrate your likes, we'd love to hear!

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