People you May Know from Facebook comes to Joomla, CB & JomSocial !
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Friday, 11 September 2009 21:41

We have just released a smashing module for CB & JomSocial that will give you the Facebook 'People You May Know' feature for your CB & JomSocial based Social Networking Website.
JomSocial People You May Know
JomSocial People You May Know module intelligently shows you people you are most likely to know, by searching common friends between your friends !

The module suggests you those users who lot of your friends have as a friend, but isnt your friend yet. Based on the logic that a lot of of your friends know him, you are likely to know that person too !
Similar to People you may know on Facebook.

This module needs the JomSocial Extension to work. There is also a CB Version available here.

A Must have for JomSocial based Social Networking websites.

Subscription Options :
6 Months 30$  |  12 Months 55$

CB Demo | JomSocial Demo | Buy CB Version | Buy JomSocial Version

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Fresh New Layouts for Product Pages
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Thursday, 10 September 2009 16:02

We just launched swanky new product landing pages.  The landing pages will now not only show product information but also show Development Blogs, News & Testimonials about the product on the same page. 

So now the product landing pages are a one stop source of information about the product as they should be ! 

Check out the new layout here : http://techjoomla.com/jbolo-chat-for-joomla.html

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