Quick2Cart 2.0 Brings a Social twist to Ecommerce - Multivendor Support, Awesome Social Integrations & FLEXIContent Support !
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Thursday, 29 August 2013 23:41

q2cl srcWoo Hooo ! Its here !! Quick2Cart 2.0 brings our biggest features ever !!! Wondering what I'm so excited about ? Lets take a look .

Social Ecommerce with Multi Vendor & Multi Store

Quick2Cart 2.0 is our biggest release to date. It introduces a Major new feature - Social Ecommerce with Multi Vendor, Multi Store & an awesome JomSocial Integration. So now you have a great way to start monetizing your Social network.

All your users can create their own stores & manage their own products. You can charge a commission on each transaction. Or if you so choose, integrate with something like Payplans or AEC & charge for this feature. Store owners can also create their own coupons. Users can buy products from one or more stores & checkout in a single step.  Note that multivendor support in this version is for for Native Products only ( Support for Joomla Content, Zoo, K2 Flexi content for Multi Vendor will be introduces in future releases).

Selection 018

With an awesome Vendor Dashboard, frontend coupons, customer management & much much more, this feature promises to bring a whole new aspect to Joomla ecommerce. Read more about Multi Vendor & Multi Store here.

JomSocial Integrations include Plugins to show stores & products on user profile, Activity Stream integrations, JomSocial Notifications Integration. We have also added Jlike Integration, A SocialAds promote plugin & much more ! Read more about Social Integrations here.

Q2C - Jomsocial Integration


logo-flexicontentFlexi Content Integration

Now Add an awesome shopping experience to your FLEXIContent. Adding to our growing list of CCK integrations, FLEXIContent joins the Party !  Quick2Cart already supports Joomla Content, K2 & Zoo. Read more about our CCK Integrations here.

One Page Checkout

We have worked extensively on our checkout process to make it faster & easier for your customers to checkout. The entire checkout process has been consolidated to be on one page. And thats not more ! We have lots of new features in this new release & lots of Bug fixes too. Read on for the full changelog  for the complete feature list.

Screen Shots

Checkout out many more screenshots on our Facebook page.

Upgrading  / Installing Quick2Cart 2.0

We have upgraded our common payments API in Quick2Cart 2.0 version. So if you have JGive, SocialAds or JTicketing installed, you will lneed to upgrade them to the latest versions released today. If your subscriptions for those have expired, we have released free patches on the forum so that they can work with the new CPG plugins.

Buy Now !

At 29.99$ for a 6 months Subscription & 49.99 for a 12 month Subscription, the new Quick2Cart is a superb Steal ! Get Quick2Cart today !

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Read more... [Quick2Cart 2.0 Brings a Social twist to Ecommerce - Multivendor Support, Awesome Social Integrations & FLEXIContent Support !]
JBolo v3.0 with group chat, Joomla 3.x support & much more is here
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Thursday, 20 June 2013 19:48

Jbolo!Wooo hooo !!! It's here. With support for Joomla 3x, Group chat, Gravtar Integration & much more, we are releasing a major update to JBolo - Version 3.0 . JBolo 3.0 adds the much awaited feature - Group chat. Whats more, an awesome new Admin Dash & Gravtar integration are some of the Major highlights. Read on for the complete featurelist, changelog & Upgrade instructions.

JBolo version 3.0 is compatible with Joomla 2.5.x and 3.0.x.

Get it Today !

compat 30 jGive . Joomla 2.5 Compatible

Checkout the Awesome Screenshots !

Selection 027Selection 028Selection 029Selection 030Selection 031Screenshot from 2013-06-21 155927

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Read more... [JBolo v3.0 with group chat, Joomla 3.x support & much more is here]

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